This month, New York-based artist Kat Lyons opens her first solo presentation of paintings at DELI in Brooklyn. Titled Pantomimia, the exhibition continues on Lyon’s previous series, expanding her universe of the natural world and portraying it well, unnaturally. Through exaggerated compositions, thematic lighting and an unorthodox confluence of styles and aesthetics, Lyons has blanketed her figures in a heavy atmosphere, one that’s a little perverse, cartoonish and intriguing all at once. Phantasmagoric animals, plants and insects arrange rhythmically on her canvases, injecting splices of narrative throughout, and while the story is unclear, her subjects gesture with intention. Radiating intensity, Lyons’s solo exhibition Pantomimia vibrates on a strange frequency, one that’s dramatic and formidable, and most importantly, not to be missed.

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